Innovations and Design solutions

The origins of the innovative approach to the design of metal structures go back to the space design of the famous Buran project (Soviet shuttle). The ability to combine seemingly incompatible things - strength and lightweight construction - came to us with the chief designer of our company, Alexander Movchan, who successfully worked in design bureaus on the development of the Buran space shuttle. In contrast to the traditional approaches to the design of steel structures, we have developed new technologies for redistributing stresses, which allow us to obtain a lighter steel structure with the same strength, technical and guarantee parameters. This not only saves materials and has a positive impact on the environment, but also makes your business more profitable and environmentally friendly than competitors with the old approach.



We use a three-dimensional computer-aided design (CAD) system to develop and continually improve scale vehicle models. The design applies the principles of ship and aircraft construction: the distribution of concentrated loads over a large area. The design uses 3D model analysis to eliminate load concentrators; Cyclic loading models are performed to distribute the loads evenly throughout the steel structure to avoid localized metal fatigue. We actively use feedback from people who operate our scales in real-world conditions. Our engineers continue to use innovative ideas to build on the success of our proven designs. Up to 50 changes can be made throughout the year that improve the performance of the scales. This maintains continuity and compatibility with all previous versions of the product range.


We use Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to determine the high and low voltage ranges. This virtual test shows how a vehicle-sized design should perform under various loading conditions. Unlike the traditional approach of reinforcing high-stress areas, we took a more technologically advanced approach by redistributing the stresses to the under-stressed elements of the platform. This also includes the use of continuous weld seams. The experience gained from operating vehicle scales under real conditions is also an important part of the analysis. We understand the challenges operators face across a wide range of climatic, technical and other conditions. As a result of extensive analysis of our designs, we continually improve our scales to achieve maximum durability with minimal use of resources.


State-of-the-art production 

"Our factory produces components of the highest quality at every stage of production: - --Precision cutting and forming equipment allows us to produce parts from high-strength steel;
- Automatic welding produces strong and consistent welds;
- Precise tolerances ensure accurate and repeatable operations
- Strict adherence to technology from equipment suppliers and consumables guarantees results."

Finishing: exclusive 5-step process for maximum corrosion protection:

"1 Mechanical cleaning to remove scale and surface defects
2 Degreasing for maximum adhesion of the coatings.
3 Professional painting using PPG Industries technology: Epoxy primer is applied to the steel.
4 Apply PPG Industries two-component polyurethane enamel.
5 Drying in a special chamber for complete and proper crystallization of the coating.
The end result is a durable coating that protects against corrosion and contamination that can shorten the life of scales. Our technicians are trained and certified by PPG Industries and receive regular refresher training. The painting process is closely monitored by PPG Industries specialists. For the base, an acrylic-based finish with 2-in-1 primer paints is used (DTM - Direct-To-Metal)"



The conception of our company is based on the philosophy of lean production. That's why we only use modern equipment and the most advanced technologies.

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The ARAMIS AFX-2060 laser cutting machine

The ARAMIS AFX-2060 laser cutting machine is an economical and environmentally friendly machine for cutting metals with high quality with an error of ±0.01 mm. The machine uses an ytterbium fiber laser from IPG Photonics - a completely new technology that is comparable in its revolutionary nature to the transition from vacuum tubes to transistors. Fiber lasers use long-lasting semiconductor diode lasers to efficiently convert electricity into radiant energy and therefore require no maintenance or consumables. They are incredibly compact because they convert the energy from semiconductor diodes into usable laser beams in an optical fiber no thicker than a human hair. The hermetic zone provides superior protection against laser hazards when the operator is working in normal operations and eliminates the possibility of harm to the health of maintenance personnel and the operator.

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Yaskawa Welding Robots (Japan)

The new six-axis AR3120 robots offer unmatched arc welding performance. They are the longest standard robots available with a long reach. They offer the highest load capacity, highest speed and maximum allowable wrist torque in their class. In addition, our welding system is equipped with an exhaust gas filter system. Yaskawa and Fronius have been working together successfully for many years and have gained valuable experience in adapting intelligent solutions to production needs. Our company has become a partner in this successful alliance. Together we will work for you to deliver a quality product in a short time.

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Fronius welding machines (Austria)

The advanced technology and high quality of Fronius products have inspired people for generations and inspire confidence and joy in generating the perfect arc that ensures consistently high welding quality.

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Guillotine and 6 meter long tandem sheet metal bending press from Ermaksan (Türkiye)

Ermaksan is a leader in the production of sheet metal processing equipment. The press allows bends with a tolerance of 0.5°.

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Hypertherm (USA) coordinate plasma cutting machine

For rough cutting of metal with a tolerance of 0.2mm.

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Painting room 210m2

Including a drying chamber with heating and automatic maintenance of the ideal conditions for the crystallization of the paint layer to maintain its long-term protective functions in accordance with the requirements of the paint manufacturer PPG.

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Recirculation system

The system is equipped with a recirculation system with inlet and outlet filters. In this way, we ensure the health of our employees and the environment.

"By working with the best you get the best"

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