Ukrainian Scale Company

Ukrainian Scale Company (Kharkov, Ukraine) has specialized in the manufacture and installation of weighing platforms since 2009. The most important goals we have set ourselves are caring for customers and the environment.

"By introducing advanced technologies and involving top-class designers from the aerospace industry in the development of the platforms for the first time, we have achieved the following for you:
- Strong, light and robust platform designs;
- Compact for transportation, quick and easy to assemble for installation;
- reduced material consumption and air emissions;
- reliable and durable structures in operation."


A pleasant collaboration with you is our top priority.

"We constantly collect and exchange information with you, modernize and improve our products according to your wishes as quickly as possible.
Our company is interested in your continued growth, and for this purpose we offer you full support from our side."

USC's Human Rights Protection Policy

USC respects and adheres to international human rights and occupational health and safety standards and principles.

"We ensure that respect and dignity are always shown in relationships between people.
USC's human rights policy is based on international human rights standards, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the UN."


We have created a work environment that is free from discrimination or harassment based on race, gender, nationality, color and social origin, religious belief or any other basis, in accordance with applicable laws. The basis for recruitment, employment, assignment, training, compensation and promotion in the company is qualifications, labor productivity, skills and experience.

Inadmissibility of forced labor and human smuggling

All work can only be voluntary. We do not use debt bondage, forced labor, indentured labor or slave labor. We do not create working conditions that endanger the health and lives of our employees.

Child labor is unacceptable

We reject any form of child labor and strictly adhere to the legal regulations regarding the minimum age of our employees.

Inadmissibility of corruption

We firmly reject any form of corruption. Fair pay and working hours We pay wages and social benefits that totally correspond to the legal requirements.

Freedom of association

We recognize the right of our employees to organize in non-profit organizations and to work with representatives of employee associations on a confidential basis.

Health and safety at work

We protect our employees from workplace hazards and implement health and safety measures.

Protection of the environment

We take measures to ensure that our products, services and processes comply with environmental requirements. At all locations and in all areas in which we operate, we are committed to environmental protection and the responsible use of natural resources. We are aware of the need to recycle vehicle scales at the end of their useful life and therefore create platforms that minimize the use of materials and resources in production without sacrificing longevity.

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