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The Ukrainian Scale Company specializes in the production of vehicle and wagon scales.

"Our goal is to build the most comprehensive network of weighing system partners around the world. We are looking for companies that operate in this area, but do not themselves produce metal structures for scales, to become our partners.
We offer our partners access to our knowledge and advanced technologies so that they can offer the best solutions for end users. We are ready to supply our standard solutions or manufacture scale platforms according to customer drawings and adapt them to their needs.
Our goal is to build long-term relationships with partners that grow with us. We strive to ensure mutually beneficial cooperation and create a successful and reliable network in this area. Every partner is important to us, and we will work together to achieve common goals and meet the needs of our customers around the world."


Who are our partners?

Companies that work in the field of vehicle and wagon scales, but:
1. Buy platforms
2. commission the production of metal structures on the side
3. Making metal structures using outdated technology
4. They are installers without their own production
5. You want to increase sales and actively develop yourself

We offer

"1. Deliveries of our series models of platforms for vehicle and wagon scales
2. OEM production
3. Production according to customer drawings
4. Customization and optimization of customer drawings for more efficient production
5. Licensed production of our models in partner facilities"

Why it is better to work with us and what we strive for

1. Long-term relationships2. Flexibility and willingness to coordinate all aspects of work3. Speed ​​of deliveries and order fulfillment (best time to market)4. Easy to transport, install and maintain platforms5. We want our customers to grow and we want to grow with them6. We want to offer the best solutions for truck and wagon scale installers in the world."


Do you need our platforms?

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