Modern production: scales with a continuous weld open new perspectives

Our company produces the highest quality components at every stage of production:
• Precision cutting and forming equipment allows the production of high-strength steel parts;
• Automatic welding creates strong and uniform welds;
• Accurate tolerances ensure accuracy and repeatability of operations;
• Strict adherence to the technology of suppliers of equipment and consumables guarantee the best results


The combination of our principles and modern technologies gives the result of equally high quality.
For each scale

From the very beginning, the company has focused on environmental friendliness, energy efficiency, occupational safety and business ethics.

Therefore, we strive to use modern equipment and modern technology from the world's leading companies.
Today our suppliers are the best and proven manufacturers in the world: Yaskawa, 3M, PPG, IPG, Esab, Fronius, Keli Sensing, Flintec and many others.

We are confident that our extensive experience in the production and installation of car scales, our love for what we do, and the excellent quality of UVK will be a reliable support for your business.



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Metal cutting

Laser cutting machineARAMIS AFX-2060

Economical and ecological machine for high-quality metal cutting with an error of ± 0.01 mm.
The machine uses a ytterbium fiber laser IPG Photonics - a completely innovative technology that can be compared in its revolution with the transition from vacuum lamps to transistors.
The airtight zone provides the first class of protection against laser danger at work of the operator in a regular mode and excludes a possibility of harm to health of service personnel and the operator.

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Welding of modules

Welding robots Yaskawa AR3120

AR3120 six-axis work provides unsurpassed arc welding performance.
They provide high payload, maximum speed and maximum wrist torque in their class. In addition, our welding complex is equipped with an exhaust gas filtration system.
Yaskawa and Fronius have been collaborating fruitfully for many years and have gained invaluable experience.
Our company has become a partner of this successful alliance. We will work together for you to produce quality scales in a short time

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Manual welding

Welding machines Fronius

Welding machines from the world manufacturer Fronius (Austria). The advanced technology and high quality of Fronius products from generation to generation inspire people, evoking confidence, trust and satisfaction, creating the perfect arc that will ensure consistently high quality welding

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Metal processing

Folding press tandem Ermaksan

Ermaksan's 6-meter sheet bending press tandem allows for 0.5 ° bending.
Electronically controlled hydraulic valves of the press provide the possibility of high-precision regulation of the main parameters of the hydraulic drive. Also, all the responsible parts of the press are made with ultra-precision accuracy, which ultimately affects the high quality and accuracy of bending

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Metal cutting

Plasma cutting machine Ermaksan Hypertherm EPL 130.6х2

Coordinate machine for rough cutting of metal with a tolerance of 0.2 mm.
This is a high-tech machine that allows you to cut metal blanks of sheet and profile-tube formats by heat treatment with high-temperature plasma.
It is completely safe for cutting operators and everyone in the workplace

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Painting chamber 210 sq.m.

The painting chamber includes a drying chamber with heating and automatic support of ideal conditions for crystallization of the paint and varnish coating in order to preserve its long-term protective functions in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer of paint and varnish materials PPG (USA).140-160 µ three-layer coating, PPG (USA) epoxy primer and PPG (USA) polyurethane enamel are used for finishing

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Labor protection

Recirculation system

The company is equipped with an air recirculation system with installed filters at the inlet and outlet.
The system of recirculation and heating of the company's premises is developed on the basis of calculated balances for heat, humidity and air exchange with efficient air purification.
In this way, we care about the health of our employees and the environment

Partnering with the best gives you the best

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